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Why You Should Join the Driver Drill Club

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Whether it's going to the gym or heading to the driving range to practice, we all have moments when it is hard to find the motivation to work on something alone. If you have ever worked out in a supervised group setting, you know how much easier it is to stay focused and get the most out of your workout when someone is there to guide you. Not to mention that little extra drive you get out of friendly competition. Here at Gravity Golf we are now offering you that same workout environment on the driving range with the Gravity Golf Driver Drill Club.

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The Driver Drill Club is a program that is designed to help golfers get the most out of their practice by doing drills in a supervised atmosphere. Each club meeting will begin with a 15 minute warm-up - designed to help you stretch out your muscles and reduce the chance of injury during practice. Then we will move into a 45 minute driver drill. Participants will be partnered with another class member to tee up balls for each other so that each member can hit 100 consecutive drives without stopping. After the drill there will be a 1-hour lesson for the class. Each lesson will be tailored to the level of the players in the group.

The buy-in price of membership to the Driver Drill Club is $100. This membership fee includes a personalized practice routine, video of your swing for before and after comparison, a free swing DVD, and your first Driver Drill Club class. Once you are a member of the Driver Drill Club you may attend any class for $40. It is recommended that you attend at least one class per week for maximum benefit. Classes will meet Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm to 7pm, and Saturday from 8am to 10am. Additional classes may be added based on need. Classes are held at Orange County National Golf Center in Orlando, FL.

For questions or to sign up - email

Watch this video for a visual demonstration of the Driver Drill and an explanation of what it will do for your swing. 

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