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Critically Acclaimed Golf Instruction DVD's

There have been countless approaches to the game of golf through DVD golf instruction, golf schools that are being taught with different philosophies around the world and now there are even golf lessons online.

As with everything that is approached from many different angles, there are valuable things that can be learned from almost all of them if you have perspective when you are studying. The more intrigued you are and wish to play golf to your highest ability, the more materials you have probably encountered. Gravity Golf has influenced millions of golfers over the last 40 years and has been studied by not only great players, but neurobiologist, physicist, as well as traveled anthropologist that understand transcending barriers of language and culture.

Weather you come from a different back ground of understanding, have been around the game your entire life or are just being introduced to it for the first time, you will at some point realize that there is an on going learning curve to everything you want to do. The more ways that you can understand and feel how your body can move the more knowledge you have attained. If that clarity comes from golf swing training aids or some school of golf that you have attended, you will have a greater repertoire of information to refer upon for your golfing life.

What we have tried to do and are continually attempting to incorporate into all of our materials, is the insights of all of our students that we have encountered. There are so many nuances to the game of golf, much like the way martial arts is taught in the far east, you must find your way to be at peace with your swing. In order to find effortlessness in your golf swing it takes a tremendous amount of awareness to what your body is telling you. We are continuing to study/invent new drills, that will give you  feed back on if what you are trying to do with your own body is compliant to what should be natural for you or if it is causing harm to your swing.

Give yourself every opportunity to feel the best that you can when you walk onto the golf course about how you have trained your body to move. Enjoy this game for the moment and for the rest of your life.

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"From what I have seen, I believe the teaching method you have developed could be applied with great benefit to all level of golfers, and I am happy to give it my personal endorsement and full support."
...Jack Nicklaus

"David Lee would be the only guy I trust... The only reason I played well (at the PGA) is because of him”
… Lee Trevino

David Lee might be the greatest teacher that ever lived... Chi Chi Rodriguez
"After watching the first two videos, I was able to completely change my tension-filled swing approach on the first swing. I am now making by far the best and most consistent ball contact of my life with a fraction of the physical effort." ...John E. Baker, Ph.D., P.E.

"Your instruction, your knowledge, your turning on the lights in your session... will always be, one of the great milestones of my life."
...George Hibbard

"The only way these drills will not make you a better golfer is if you don't have the courage to do them. No one will swing like Danny but the physics involved in any swing are the same. Swing in concert with the physical laws of nature like these drills encourage you to do. Your swing will improve." - Jim Plunkett - Lecanto, Florida

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Golf Instruction DVD

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Using Popcorn to Get Effortless Power - by David Lee, Golf Pro in Greenville SC.

As the developer of the “Gravity” golf teaching system, I am a great believer that the laws of motion are very specific, in regard to the “ideal” way to swing a golf club. However, knowing that not everyone swings in what, I consider to be an ideal, “physics compliant” fashion, I racked my brain to think of a great tip that would be applicable to all golfers, regardless of their swing style. The following is one of the better ideas that I can offer:

Many golfers swing smoothly in their practice swings, yet in the real swing, with the ball in the equation, they invariably “flex” the upper body in the downswing trying to “strike” it. You’d swear they were swinging at a bowling ball! Tightening the arms and wrists in the downswing may easily cause a reduction in club-speed and a reduction in the amount of body mass that is moving at impact (any of your pounds that are not turning at the instant you strike the ball, are not having an effect on it. Tightening the arms and wrists in the downswing also causes change in the swing-path and off-center shots

When you watch Freddie Couples swing, he just drops his arms from the top of the backswing and allows his core rotation to sling them. My tip is to always, visualize the ball as being “weightless,” like a piece of popcorn. You should take some popcorn to the practice tee and alternate between hitting golf balls and pieces of the popcorn. The birds will eat what you don’t pick up and popcorn doesn’t harm the mowers like tees or pennies. You should begin to visualize the ball as having no more weight than the popcorn. The reason you won’t flex at the popcorn is because your brain knows that even if you hit it dead flush it will only go three feet anyway. Trying to move the golf ball a great distance is what makes people instinctively flex at it. When you stop “flexing,” - your club-speed and swing-path integrity will improve dramatically, - and you’ll begin to hit the ball “flush” in the middle of the clubface. 

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What You See is What You Get - by Danny Lee

Perception is a very strong force that can be used positively or negatively. In the case of golf, what you see as resistance is exactly that. The majority of the golfing population (almost every person) looks at the golf ball as being an object that requires force to move. Typically the feeling is, the greater the force, the farther you believe the ball will go. As this may, in essence, be true, the perception is that the harder you swing at the object, the more force you will create ....sorry to disappoint you, but this is not the case. 

If you have ever experienced what a “perfect” shot feels like, you would recall that it feels like “nothing”. It is very difficult to describe physically, because there is almost no feeling at all (perfect balance at impact). The feeling of perfect balance comes from being able to offset all of the centrifugal force moving in front of your body (your arms) with an equal amount of force moving in the opposite direction: this will free up your body mass through the shot. The more relaxed your body is and the softer your arms are, the easier it is to move your weight in the proper directions. 

Try this simple drill: alternating between hitting golf balls and popcorn. What this will do is allow you a momentary alteration in how you perceive the object at which you are swinging. If you look at a piece of popcorn and flex your muscles, immediately you will have presence of mind that that much force is not needed to move something with no mass. If you can carry this same awareness into your swing when the golf ball is in the way, it can be a very enlightening process that can help you develop a more relaxed, consistent tempo and inevitably a more enjoyable game.

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