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10 Tips on How to Choose the Right Golf Professional

by John Wilkinson
The Right Golf Professional To Teach You IS:
(does your current instructor meet many of these?)

  • Someone who is passionate about their chosen professional, enthusiastic, organized, articulate and most of all, fun to be with.
  • An Extraordinary communicator, with great patience and an ability to simplify technique and converse in easy-to-understand language.
  • A person with an insatiable appetite for golf knowledge and has an extensive golf book and video instructional library.  “Evaluate their golf IQ.”
  • A motivator who will inspire you and make you feel good about yourself and your game.
  • An optimistic, positive instructor – one who never gives up on a student, and always finds the correct path for each individual!
  • A role model, especially for young people – with a personal attitude and demeanor on and off the course which is exemplary at all times.
  • Energetic, imaginative and personable.  They have a good eye and a unique ability to diagnose mechanical swing flaws and provide innovative drills to help overcome them in an enjoyable and entertaining manner.
  • Someone who understands how people learn, and what learning style you possess.
  • Reputable as a teacher or a player.  Investigate their teaching credibility by asking other students if they benefited from their lessons.
  • Totally committed to their students and to the game of golf.  This is the teacher who can best serve your needs as a student. 
“If the path of learning is and enjoyable experience – a great teacher has paved your way.”

John Wilkinson, Award winning Gravity Golf instructor – Down Under Par Golf
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