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The Natural State Of The Golf Swing by Daniel Lee in Orlando Florida

A reaction in body language after your is an instant change in tension levels. The first 3 seconds after impact is where you can learn the most about your swing and your game. There is a process that feeds from your thoughts, to emotion, to tension and then to reaction. Your awareness leads to controlling tension, heart rate, thoughts and energy levels which implement the physics of the golf swing. 

A natural state of tension is relaxed. The original nature of the body as well as the golf swing is in a relaxed form with the absence of stress,  anger, anxiety and in turn is a place of awareness,  peaceful,  focused,  rhythmic,  confidence. A player that has found the "zone" as it has been loosely called by many people surrounding the game, are in an aggressive state.  True aggression comes with clarity and purpose. Aggression is typically viewed as a a hit impulse with a large amount of effort, that is not what is implied here, but rather a complete abandonment of tension from the initiation of the swing through your impact zone. For instance if you were a pitcher and you saw someone steeling second base, there is no time to think about your mechanics and you must immediately jump into action from a previous relaxed state with pure focus on getting the ball to second base before the runner.  There is so much time in golf to think that we don't realize what an effect it is having on our movements.

The paradox that we run into when trying to improve ourselves and our golf game is that we have to first be conscious of the things we want to change, which usually incurs a great deal of thought to begin with. Now the trick lies in being able to turn that off before you get to the 1st tee where your sole objective is to simply get the ball in the hole in as few shots as possible. If you listen to Sir Nick Faldo or Johnny Miller next time there is a big tournament, you will probably hear them referring to whomever the leader coming down the stretch is, by saying that he has controlled his emotions extremely well throughout the tournament. This has been approached countless ways by sports psychologist as well as in every therapy session that has probably ever been given. Recently though I've come across a very practical way to help give you awareness as to how close to the "zone" you are, as well as how to control it. This new science is called emWave2 used by a group based out of California called Heart Math ( ) that have worked with many players on the PGA as well as plethora of top level athletes. 

It is my pursuit to help those with the desire to gain the ability to consistently find what hooked them on the game in the first place, that shot that feels like "nothing" yet is one of the purest things they have ever experienced. We are in this together, let's enjoy it!

Daniel Lee
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