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John Wilkinson - Gravity Golf review and College Scholarships

College Golf Scholarship Success!

We at Gravity Golf want to congratulate one of our premier instructors for reaching great career achievements.  John Wilkinson of Down Under Par Golf in Springfield Ohio has quite a successful history teaching the Gravity Golf method.  Over his career, his students, including juniors, adults and seniors have compiled over 150 scholarships and over 1,000 student victories in tournaments, including state, high school, collegiate, and senior state amateur championships.

On another note, all of his high school students who sought collegiate scholarships for golf in 2011 were awarded!  Not many golf instructors in the US can honestly say that 100% of their college-bound students gained scholarships for collegiate golf in a single year.  By using the Gravity Golf method as his central curriculum, John has continued to have a wonderful success record in helping to create winners from beginners.

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