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The Secret of Taking Your Range Game to the Course - Danny Lee

Drilling for Freedom by Danny Lee

If you have ever been guilty of feeling like a world class pro or at least a really good golfer when you are on the driving range, and then proceed to play a round that appears to be the first time you ever put your hands on a golf club, this is for you! 

For starters, there are a few major differences between hitting on the driving range and playing on the golf course. 

First being, you only get one shot - this is why it is so important to practice on the range in a way that will give you the most feedback and try to simulate a new kind of shot every time - refer to the 3-mode drill. 

The other major difference is lie undulations on the golf course - with the exception of your tee ball, you rarely ever have a flat lie. 

You may have heard some of the misconceptions taught over the years such as, “try and line your shoulders up to the slope”, or “swing up towards the hole”. In both of these cases, you will not be able power the ball with all of your mass moving rotationally, because it will be very difficult to post if you are working against your front axis.  This is a bit of a confusing concept at first, but once you understand it your approach to the golf course will forever change. 

A great way to practice getting your feet in the right place is to try throwing balls from different lies and feel what is a more comfortable foot position. What you are looking for is a way to put your feet on the ground that will allow you to turn all the way through your shot and be able to freely move into the Counter-fall. In most cases, you will need to move the ball back and open up your stance to the target regardless of the slope. 

In summary, the most important thing when swinging a golf club or making any kind of rotational move is that you can turn freely through impact.

Practice both the 3-mode golf drill and from different lies on the range in order to learn how to freely move into the Counter-fall from any lie.

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