The Arc Angel Putter - Created by David Lee of Gravity Golf in Orlando Florida

“Arc Angel” Putters

Golfers that understand and believe in the physics of putting on the “arc” instead of putting down the “line” should study the design and principles of my new “Arc Angel” putter. It is the fourth generation of putters that I’ve designed specifically to putt on the arc and this one is a gem.

Why do I keep building new designs – is it a ploy to sell more putters?  That answer might seem logical, but the reality is that until you build a prototype and go out and putt with it, it is impossible to know what the finished product is going to feel like.  My intention, like with most fanatic club designers, is to build a golf putter that makes everything – which we all know is unlikely to happen, but the goal remains steadfast.  In our less than ideal world, the best objective is to have a putter that rides the body’s natural rotation and feels as if it actually is an extension of you.  It is very important that the lie angle of the club, the amount of “trap” in the putter face, the overall weight, the balance, and the shaft are perfect – not to mention that the “look” of it “fits” your eye.  If these variables are correct, the attack path of the putter will be ideal, the ball will leave the putter face very slightly airborne so that it is not driven into the ground, and the tangent line of the putt to the arc of the stroke will be incredibly predictable.  The ball will roll as smoothly as you can imagine, with no bounce as it makes its journey to the hole, and the number of putts that you make will increase significantly.

When a player putts on the arc, over a single axis (one leg), more body mass goes against the ball than with a “down-line” stroke.  Increased body mass applied to the ball at impact, diminishes the required effort from the shoulders and arms, the club-head moves slower to the ball, and the hands are left free to provide feel only, not power.  The more you can separate power and “touch,” the more touch you are going to have.  Putting on the arc will improve your feel for distance control and the number three putts (that ruin your score) will diminish dramatically.

There is a great deal of science involved in the proper application of power when hitting a putt, just as there is in the design of the tools with which to do it.  If you wish to become a great putter, study our golf DVD entitled “Putting on the Arc.”  It will give you insight into some of the myths about this mysterious and complex facet of the game, as well as providing a pathway for you to become a super putter.  Oh, by the way, gets your hands on an Arc Angel putter and feel the ball roll like you’ve never felt it before.

Daniel Lee
Director of Gravity Golf Inc.

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