Back Weight Your Golf Clubs Inexpensively From Home

Back weighting clubs has become a popular topic in the golfing world over the past year, even though it has been being used by many great players for decades. David Lee the inventor of Gravity Golf has been experimenting with adding weight underneath the grip for the last 35 years to create a perfect balance for each club.

In order for a shaft to load properly and give the maximum propulsion, the ratio of weight from the club head to the back end of the shaft must be balanced for the stiffness of that shaft. This will vary from club to club and is somewhat unique to each individual. However if you have a baseline for the amount of back weight to work from, you can then experiment with how much weight to add to the head of the club until it creates the feeling you are looking for.

Watch this video that will show you step by step how to back weight your own clubs

Once you've played with a club that is properly back weighted for you, it will never feel the same way to go back to swinging a club that is out of balance. If you enjoy feeling the most out of your clubs, you should try experimenting with the drills in your practice to give you the "softest hands" for maximum feel.

This is how many inches down the shaft to wrap the lead tape (not inches of lead tape)

Driver 7 1/2 in.
3wd 7 in.
5 6 1/7 in.

PW  7 in.
SW  7 1/2 in.
9  6 1/2 in.
8  6 in. 
7  5 1/2 in.
6  5 in.
5  4 1/2 in.
4  4 in.
3  3 1/2 in. 

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Danny Lee
Co-Owner & International Gravity Golf Instructor

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