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Hit A Draw That Will Give You More Power, Less Spin And Great Feel by Daniel Lee in Orlando Florida

There are few things that feel better than a purely released draw off of the club face. In order to have control over a draw, it is extremely important to have soft hands the are not going "linear". This term is something that happens to every golfer at some point. What it means is that when you are in your down swing that your hands in an effort to try and force the club to stay on line, start pushing up to the target. Some people actually teach that you should attempt to hold the club face open all the way through your shots. Without getting too in depth into the physics, what is simply happening is that it will put tension into your arms and upper body, while making a smooth balanced rotation far more difficult to maintain.

A draw can be a very simple shot, just look at Jack Nicklaus's explanation on ball position to get and idea of how this will effect your shots.

What you can take away from this, is that the farther forwards in your stance you put the ball the more the club is going to have released by the time that it gets to impact having a more closed face and vice versa for a fade.

Simply put if you are looking to hit a draw, you can place the ball slightly forward in your stance and aim to the right to give yourself room to move the ball. Now for a fade you can easily move it back in your stance and aim to the left. This is a very easy way to look at moving the ball. There are a few other nuances that come into play when you are changing the trajectory of your shot, but will save that for another time.

Please leave your questions and comments below as I will respond to as many of you as I can. All the best and remember to take it easy out there. Golf is so much more fun when it is tension free!

Daniel Lee

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How to Hit a Draw by Pete Dunham in Charleston SC

I believe the draw to be the 'natural' shot in golf.  That might seem surprising considering 85% of golfers hit a slice. Even today, in an era when many tour pro's prefer a small fade when they play the game, I think it's extremely important for golfers to learn how to hit the draw (I guarantee the pros can hit that draw, they just prefer the control they get with the fade).  

Learning a draw is a great way to teach you a more 'physics compliant swing'.  When done correctly, the draw almost certainly indicates that you are using your body in a more compliant manner.  Ultimately,  the draw comes from simply letting tension free arms be 'slung' around centrifugally by the forward pivotal axis.  The arms will naturally fall in the transition of the swing to create an inside path, and the forearms will 'roll' as they swing through the golf ball creating a closing club face through impact....A draw is the result of a rotational swing.  The body rotates, the arms rotate, the forearms rotate, and the club and club face rotate imparting spin on the ball that creates a draw.... 

If it were only that easy!  Here's simple way to train the hook in your swing. 

Begin with the goal of learning what I call (now that I'm happily entrenched in the south) a "Big Ole Hook".  Understand that by 'going a mile to get an inch' you'll learn to draw the ball more quickly.  Over training is the key to learning to master the draw.  

Use a tee while you train, and grab a 6 or 7 iron.  The tee is important in the early stages of learning to help you get results! Results build confidence and that's key in the learning process.  

Now, before you hit any balls, begin the process of training the forearms to ROLL....  The hook is not a 'flip of the wrists'... it's a roll of the forearms... Grip the club and make several small motions where your really roll the forearms through the bottom of the swing arc....  watch the club face really close down as you make these swings.... Over train! Imagine having the club face pointed between your legs as you get to the hitting area!!!  The key is to 'WAKE UP' the forearm roll in your swing... This takes time.  You have to over ride the impact perceptions you may currently have as well as build up a new tension relationship within your body....  Over train!  
The first goal is to hit the biggest hooks you possibly can.  Hit 20-50 shots off a tee with lots of practice swings in between to roll those forearms.  Once you start getting that club face to close, you'll be thrilled at the power you'll feel at impact!  Keep training!  Keep over training!  While you are in the training mode, get better and better at hitting huge hooks, as big as you can! 

Once the 'big ole hook' is mastered, and repeated hundreds of times...  you can begin the process of swinging to the right!  Best part is that this will happen somewhat naturally in response to the ball going left (for right handed golfers!).  It's way easier to swing to the right when you know your club face is closing through impact!  Promise. 

Closing tip:  Want it to happen even faster?  Set up next to a tree or a cart tire.  take small swings (at less than full speed!!) rotating the clubface so that the toe of the club 'sticks' into the tree.  This will guarantee rolling forearms!  Give me 50-100 of these 3 days a week for 6 weeks and I know you'll be on your way to learning the hook!  It's a great feeling of power and control!  

Pete Dunham, PGA Certified Professional/Instruction, Retail, Golf Operations
Director of Golf
Snee Farm Country Club

1200 Club Drive
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
RiverTowne Country Club
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