Using Gravity In Your Golf Swing

Have you ever felt "Gravity" in your swing?

Do you know what it feels like to let go completely of all the tension in your body and swing with total freedom?

Gravity is working with you at all times and the more you fight it the more you are going to lose..plain and simple. We all have the ability inside of us to let go of our beliefs and ideas of what we can control. We tell ourselves so often that if we can do this one thing or have the right swing that everything will be perfect. "If only I can get my weight to the left side or set my hands this will help keep me in control". This is a false sense of what control really is!

If you want to find your perfect swing, you have to let go of all your thoughts and feelings that create tension inside of you. Every thought has the potential to put tension in or out of your swing. Sports psychology is relatively a new field, but as old as philosophers writing about the "human condition".

Feeling pure gravity in your swing only comes from being able to relax your body and mind to the fullest potential. The Gravity Golf drills are designed to make you self aware of how your leverage and tension are working against your golf swing. The personal journey is for you to learn how to control your thoughts and free your mind. If you do not let go and relax your body; the tension will tighten your muscles into the swing and you will hit a wall in your improvement.

Next time at the golf range try to observe how you're thinking and try to relax both your body and mind. If you notice that your thoughts are trying to force your body to make something happen or not then this will add tensions to your golf swing. Believe it or not the way your mind is working will directly relate to how your mechanics will function in your swing. Enjoy yourself when you have the opportunity to make it to the golf course or the practice range and use your awareness to approach every shot with a positive relaxed mind.

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