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What Is Your Safety Envelope? by Danny Lee in Greenville SC

When taking a golf lesson from your friends or a golf instructor, it's very likely they will tell you how to remain balanced while swinging. Understanding the difference between "Static" & "Dynamic" balance is what makes all of the difference in a rotational movement like the golf swing.

Try this for me. Please "STAND UP" wherever you are...

Are you standing?

Ok now! I want you to move as far forwards as you can in your toes before falling over. I want you to feel the edge in the front of your body. You can now shift your weight all the way back to your heels and further more all the way around your "Safety Envelope". What this means is that you will begin to fall and gravity will get the better of you.

Now that you have a sense of where your edge of balance is located. I want you to feel the weight of your arms in your mind. The average golfer's arm weighs 10 lbs, so imagine that both arms are equal to a 20lb dumbbell. Envision that you are swinging that 20lb dumbbell in front of you very fast like swinging a golf club. That is a lot of centripetal force.

Lets go back to what you were feeling with your "Safety Envelope". What I want you to take into account is that the more force (weight x speed) you are swinging in front of you the more it's going to expand and you will need to move farther back to maintain a dynamic balance.

If you want to hit your drives farther while staying on plane and in balance, explore how far you can move away from the force that is pulling you forwards (your arms and the club) and you will find power that you never believed was possible!
Danny Lee

(C) 501-617-2132

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As an athlete, coach, teacher, official, umpire and professional caddy, I have always been intrigued and challenged to understand what went into a quality pitch, swing, kick and shot. When I first saw a 10 year-old hitting a golf ball in a one-legged mode on an info-mercial over twelve years ago, I knew that I was on to something. I ordered the tapes and book from Gravity Golf, studied and used the drills for two months straight and ended the summer shooting the best scores of my life. Since then, I have perfected the drills and enjoy sharing my experience and knowledge with anyone who is keen on learning or playing and enjoying the game so much more. I had the privilege of meeting and spending three days with David in Arkansas to become certified just over four years ago. This week, I had the privilege of meeting Danny and Tom Stanton, a long time friend of Danny's  and a strong supporter. We spent a wonderful afternoon talking Gravity Golf at Tom's range just outside of Rochester in Spencerport, New York.

The two things I try to be and look for first in other professionals from any walk of life are knowledge and passion. "After that it's about asking the right questions." For example: How can I best help, what is involved, what will work best, what are the blocks? By actively listening, following through, keeping it understandable, showing patience and genuinely caring, one can help another significantly.

David and Danny continue to develop their passion for people to understand and enjoy our great game of golf. Their drills work! Don't be afraid to look different when you are learning them. The body needs to be challenged to develop the feel and timing necessary to consistently produce great shots and putts. I love practicing and combining the different drills together. My two personal  favorites are the left hand (my weaker arm) no reference, transfer drill using all clubs. The second is the cross-over (right over left foot), right arm only, using a sand wedge to putt uphill from 40-50 feet across the green. I am currently trying the new heel to heel transfer drill and it is a pretty cool way to reinforce the Counter-fall, timing, plane, and using relaxed arms. It definitely gets the legs working the correct way and stops the feet from cheating!

I do my teaching at Indian Wells in Burlington, Ontario. I am available for indoor lessons through the winter, as well.

I would be happy to talk gravity golf with anyone and can be reached at

Thanks David and Danny for all you do for us.


Alec Lockington

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