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Golf Course Guide - Timacuan Golf Club

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photo from Bugsy
Hello and thank you for reading our first Golf Course Guide blog. Here at Gravity Golf we've asked some of our instructors and long-time players to start taking some notes on the courses they play. The goal of these blogs is to give players a heads up on course conditions and some pointers on what holes they might want to watch out for. If you would like to contribute to our Golf Course Guide please email, subject "Golf Course Guide."

The Golf Course Guide blog this week comes from Gravity Golfer Crickett Lee. This week Crickett played in an Orlando Woman's Golf Association tournament at Timacuan Golf Club in Lake Mary, FL. Her foursome placed 1st out of 16 groups. Crickett said the course was beautiful, and although there were a few soggy spots from the previous 48 hours of rain, the fairways and greens were in excellent condition. Here are a few of the tips she had for playing at Timacuan Golf Club.

1. Be careful of what club you choose off the tee. The Timacuan course features a few tricky dog-legs that have some difficult to navigate trees and hazards; don't automatically pull your driver out of the bag. Watch out for the yardage, and when in doubt, pick a shorter club to make it to the turn so you have a clear shot at the green.

Timacuan Golf Club hole 2
Photo of hole #2 at the Timacuan Golf Club. Photo
from the Orlando Golf Examiner.
2. Watch out for #2. According to an article in the Orlando Golf Examiner, even Timacuan General Manager Tony Johnson says "there is no let-up in the hole until the ball hits the bottom of the cup." You only have one hole to warm up with before you're faced with this difficult to navigate par-4. There is a peninsula fairway to the right of the green, but to reach it you have to clear water in front and to the right of the green with more than a fair amount of accuracy. If you're less confident in your drive you may want to consider laying up in front of the water hazard and taking an iron or wood shot over the lake to the green. The green slopes from back to front, so try to give your shot enough space to roll to a stop - just try not to fly the green because the sand traps and trees to the left and back of the green are no picnic either. Crickett says she's seen players easily shoot 13 on this hole. Do your best to keep shots in control, and if you do lose a ball or two, try not to let it bog you down for the next 16 holes. For more on Timacuan No. 2 see this article in the Orlando Golf Examiner.

3. The course can feel a bit long. Despite her small stature, Crickett is known for the distance she can get off the ball, but she said that this course can feel a bit long for a lot of women. Make sure you spend time working on the accuracy of your chipping and putting to make up for the few extra strokes it may take to get to the green.
number 18 at Timacuan Golf Club
Number 18 at Timacuan Golf Club by Crickett Lee

Thanks for reading this week's Golf Course Guide. Good luck out there! And please remember to take notes and pictures of your next golf outing to be part of our Golf Course Guide. For tips on how to improve your game visit our website or our YouTube Channel. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter


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